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Consolidation du logiciel AGEDI

Une session de formation s'était tenue dans les locaus du SPC.PF à PAPEETE (Syndicat pour la Prmotion des Communes de Polynésie Française) du 20 au 22 octobre 2015 (consolisation de la PAIE le 20 octobre 2015 et consolidation  du BUDGET du 21 au 22 octobre 2015). Le SIVMTG (Syndicat Intercommunal à Vocation Multiple des Tuamotu et Ganbier), la commune de RAIVAVAE, la Commune de FAKARAVA, le FENUA MA et la commune de RURUTU faisaient partie de cette formation animée par Monsieur GUERRY Tamatoa, agent du SPC.PF avec Jéôme PEROU, de la cellule informatique du SPC.PF et Tania AYO,pour la partie évaluation. L'objectif de la formation était de connaitre l'utilisation du logiciel dans son intégralité depuis la dernière formation en 2010 et obtenir de l'intervenant les diverses astuces.


Geographic presentation

Carte de Rurutu

Situated at 590 km south of Tahiti, at 151 2º west longitude and 22.27º south latitude its general aspect recalls brutality –but at a reduced scale- the one of the african continent.

10 km long and at a maximum of 5.5 km (between the point of Arei and Vitara), it has a surface of about 38.5 km2.
Its views are varied: blunt summits, plantations of pine cone trees, small grenish valleys... but what mostly strikes the visitor, are the high greyish calcarious cliffs surrounded by nummerous caves. The island is surrounded by a reef of strange narrow passes. The platir is covered by 1 to 2 meters of high tide water.

The Manureva reaches 335 meters.

Humpback Whales

baleine à bosseAt the beginning of July, the atae (Erythrine) are blooming. This announces the arrival of the famous humpback whale in the Rurutu waters. Native people are very aware of this fact. These whales go up the cold Antarctic waters towards the warm Polynesian waters to mate.

baleine à bosse
baleines à bosse

They arrive to Rurutu after having covered more than 5000 km. in 4 months, fasting and surviving on their own supplies. The last whales return home in October. We can observe them as from July up to the beginning of November from one of the three places to look out in the island (photo) or go to meet them with professional divers who practice whale watching. But you must be aware that whales are wild animals which do not abode tourist orders.

Do not be deceived if you happen not to see them during your visit.Besides reglementation, which imposes rules of proximity are convenient to be respected to approach of an animal of 30-40 tons must be done with great precaution and extreme caution. A hit by flukes comes without warning. Therefore follow attentively the advise the guides might give you. They certainly have enough experience which you cannot neglect.
Rurutu Baleines Excursions  Phone : +(689) 940791 / 703053



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