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Everyday life
This rubric is very usefull for the inhabitants of Rurutu, but also for the visitors. Everyone can find many informations about banks, telecommunication, electrical power, security (police or firemen), all the schools, alls the whereabouts health (hospital, drugstore, or dentist). The linking between islands are explained (maritim or aerial links). The visitors will also find general informations about religions, associations and of course weblinks for the country institutions.

Electrical power
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Rurutu island is supplied with electric energy mainly by a thermic central managed by Electra at the way out of Moerai on the crossing road, in less measure by two windpumps which stand near the crest road, under Hauti (forbidden access)

ImageElectra office (phone : +(689) 94 03 18 or +(689) 94 04 59 in case of emergency) which is next to the town hall. It is possible, to contact, make subscription, or pay your bills.

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The wives and families territorial center of information of rights and CTIFF.

The common delegation of CTIFF is in the municipal localities situated near Radio Rurutu at Moerai. Named by municipal arrete, the oclegate. Mrs. Victorine Raivaru Teinaore, who works as a partner with CPS, the gendarmerie, the Sante, the appauries sociales, the Sefi and the municipality. Open every day.Phone/fax: +(689) 940 613 (office) for emergencies it is possible to contact the Delegate directly at her home (phone: +(689) 940 489)
Role: listening to women and families, help in the cases of conjugal violence, formation, education, questions related to children, jobs, help in the constitution of files of micro credit.
CTIDFF proposes in lending or in consulting at the moment abundant documentation. The library offers the access to certain work of the Polynesia and even more especially on Rurutu.

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The Mutoi Municipal Police
phone +(689) 94 03 38
The Mutoi are three municipal agents in charge of assuring safety. It is noticeable when the children come out of primary schools, they deliver water bills, intervene in tribunal convocations.

phone +(689) 73 17 55
ImageThe firemen at Rurutu have a station and materials available but their job is voluntary.
They intervene in fires, and help people drowning

phone +(689) 93 02 05
ImageThere is a gendarmerie brigade Rurutu, like everywhere else, its mission is to maintain order in public. They follow up a survey over the crimes which could be committed: robberies, violence, degradations...they received complains.

The chief-helper has an important role during all the official acts in the daily life.

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Hopital Moerai
The hospital of Moerai (Phone: +(689) 94 03 12) and the dispensary of Avera (Phone:940321) give an answer to all the health problems to which residents and tourists may be daily comforted with.
The general doctors assure attention at the hospital in Moerai every morning from 7:30 am. to 12:00 pm. and the dispensary in Avera on Thursdays from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. Specialist doctors have temporary missions during their regular stay on the island and allow them to take care of the sick or injured who need medical care for a couple of hours. If  a health problem arises, such as having specific not available examinations on the island (scanner, IRM,...) or any other accident risking the person’s safety, the doctor decides with the agreement of CPS  the patient’s evacuation to Tahiti. According to the seriousness or urgency, the patient could either be taken on a special or regular flight. These evasan´s according to the established vocabulary are in charge of CPS. In more serious cases (cancer, heart or neurological accidents, specific interventions,...) Tahiti doctors may be able to decide on a sanitary evacuation to France or New Zealand at the expense of CPS.

Drug Store

Medication can be bought at the Austral pharmacy (pharmacist Emile Leconte, phone :930285) situated on the main road of Moerai, close to the primary school. For specific medication, it would be prudent to contact the pharmacist in advance so that he can order it in Tahiti (4 flights weekly)

Nurse care.

The care is done at hospital totally in charge of CPS, but certain medical orders such as blood tests (send samples to Louis Malarde) are charged.

Dentist`s office

Dentist’s office (phone: +(689) 94 03 12) care of Moerai hospital. The dentist has been transferred all around the Austral archipel. It is necessary to find out through his secretary to know his consulting days.


A quiropractic is installed at Moerai near the pharmacy.

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Poste de RurutuOPT is in Moerai

Tel: +(689) 94.03.50 Timetable: Monday to Friday from 7 to 12 and 12:30 to 15

All post operations (letter, paquets, registered letter,...) post checks (CF heading “banks and mean of payment”) Rented post boxes. Telephone card cabin (OPT exclusively). Possibility of sending telecopies. Internet with telephone OPT cards (see heading internet).
Post depends on Air Tahiti flights. Departures Monday, Wednesday and Friday (post closes two hours before the flight).
Access to internet is through the subscription of a contract with MANA  (, connected to OPT. This subscription can be done at Moerai office.
Several forfeits are proposed: nevertheless Rurutu does not yet benefit ADSL. Certain boarding houses on the island have access to internet, but you can also go to the OPT post office.The point of connection is accessible with an OPT telephone card available there.




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